West Meadows Community is managed by
GPI, Greenacre Properties, LLC.

Please contact our CAM (Community Association Manager) concerning all West Meadows residential issues.

Tom Dee
Community Association Manager
4131 Gunn Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 936-4162

For questions about dues and financial matters, please contact the Financial Administrator: (813)600-1100 ext 126

For payoff information for liens or houses in foreclosure, call:
Attorney – Brenton Ross (813) 289-8800
Friscia & Ross, P.A., 5550 West Executive Dr., Ste 250
Tampa, Fl 33609

For Information about the Community Club, Calendar of Events, or Rental of Party Room:

Please call 813-977-1160

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CDD Board Members

Jeffery Smith, Chairman
Daryl Rucker, Vice Chairman
Evelyn Romano, Supervisor
Brad van Rooyen, Supervisor
Lura Williams, Supervisor

Mark Vega, District Manager
813-991-1116 ext 104

Chet Benson, Field Manager

WM Community Club


CDD Webpage –

West Meadows is identified as Area 7 in this CDD. Please direct any comments or request concerning the CDD to Mark Vega who will represent them to the Board in accordance with the Florida Sunshine Laws.

Deed Restrictions

  • Residents may not park in the street
  • No one may park across the sidewalk
  • No one may park on the lawn
  • Guests may not park in the street over night
  • Commercial vehicles may be parked only behind closed doors of a garage
  • Boats, recreational vehicles, and trailers of any kind may be kept only behind closed doors of a garage
  • Any inoperable or unregistered vehicle must be behind closed doors of a garage
  • Repair or restoration of vehicles is permitted only behind closed doors of a garage